FEGGERI Theia Tennis Bracelet


Add a spark to your outfit with this tennis bracelet. A simple but elegant bracelet that can easily be worn alone or with other bracelets and styled up or down.

Behind the name: in Greek mythology, Theia was a Titaness, and mother of Helios, eos and Selene (gods of the sun, the dawn and the moon). Often referred to as the Titaness of Light, she was associated with all that shines and was considered responsible for the brilliance that silver, gold, and gems hold. What better name for such an eye-capturing bracelet?


7” (18cm) length, 3mm cubic zirconia


Sterling silver tennis bracelet set with 39 3mm colourless cubic zirconia.


- Finished with a push-pull clasp and figure of 8 catches. 

  • One Size

Care Instructions